How It Works - Hosts

Do you have a boat that you are not using as much as you like to?
If you are you looking for a creative way to offset the costs of ownership, HolaBoat will help you!

Sharing your boat is easy and you will get many benefits:
- earn an extra source of revenue
- find an easy way to defray ownership costs
- set prices and availability
- still enjoy your boat when you want
- meet new friends

List your boat, set your price & availability and share costs and passion, we will take care of the rest!

Pick an activity to do onboard and lead your guests through the experience!
You will share the costs and you passion for the sea.
There are many options: fishing trips, rides on sailboats, diving and much more...

Keep your boat at dock and rent it like a floating b&b.
You will offset the costs of your boat when not in use, without mechanical wear & tear.

Faq - Hosts

- What is HolaBoat?

HolaBoat is a boat sharing platform that connects lovers of the sea and boat owners. If you are looking for a new way to offset the cost of ownership of your boat, this platform is for you!
You can rent your own boat moored at the dock and turn it into a floating bed and breakfast. You can also choose an activity to do on board and accompany your Guests: a trip on a sailing boat, a fishing trip, an aperitif offshore and much more...
Easy and social, with HolaBoat boating is accessible to everyone.

To begin

- How do I create an account?

If you do not have a HolaBoat account yet, register now.
You can use your email address, Facebook or Google account. Registration and creating an account is completely free.
After registering, be sure to complete your profile before publishing a listing.

- How can I edit my profile?

You can change at any time the information in your profile, such as photos, email address or password.
Once logged on, go to the icon at the top right and click on your profile settings.
Remember to save your changes.

- Where and when are my contacts displayed?

Your contacts are stored on your profile, but are not visible to other Users. With the online booking system, Guests and Hosts receive their contacts via email once the reservation has been confirmed by payment. It is therefore not possible to enter phone numbers or email addresses directly into the listing as they would in any case be encrypted.

Account and profile

- How do I create my listing?

After registering on HolaBoat, you can insert pictures and data of your boat, connect the boat to a proposal for on board activities, with the price, experience and dates and then request the listing to be posted.
If a Guest is interested in your listing, they can contact you directly via the messaging system.
A few simple steps and you'll be ready to set sail!

- How can I edit a listing?

If your listing is still in draft form, you can modify it independently.
If your listing has been published and is visible to other users, you cannot edit it; if you want to make changes to a published listing, contact us for help.
In any case, we always recommend that you contact your Guests for updates on booked activities (eg. bad weather).

- What's the difference between event and open calendar?

When you create an activity on your boat, if you choose event, you are indicating that you are organize an event with a precise date and time limited, for example, one week's sailing 2 to 9 August. In this case the guests can only book the entire event in the specific dates you have listed.
If you choose open calendar, you are indicating a time when you will be available to do that activity with your boat and Guests will be free to select a departure and return date from the availability dates you have posted. For example, if you submit your boat as Boat & Breakfast from April to June, Guests can choose any weekend in the three months you have indicated.

- Can I create a listing for my boat as a private individual?

If you are a private individual, in Italy you can take advantage of the legislation regarding occasional renting of pleasure craft. Read our terms and conditions to find out more.


- Do I have to pay to use HolaBoat?

Registration with HolaBoat and posting of listings is free.
For every purchase made on HolaBoat by your Guests, HolaBoat charges you a 15% fee on the price of the listing (including VAT, if applicable), for the use of the platform and related services.

- When will I be paid?

HolaBoat will send your payment approximately 72 hours after the end of the experience.
Once HolaBoat sends you payment, the time required for the amount being credited to your account may vary and depends on your bank. You will receive an email notice as soon as your payment is made.
Remember that many banking systems do not handle transactions on weekends and public holidays; a payment sent by HolaBoat between Friday and Sunday may not come through till the following week.

- How will I be paid?

You will receive payment through HolaBoat's online payment system.
Remember that filling in your data is necessary to receive your Guests' reservations. If you haven't already done so, please fill in the form to start earning from your boat.

- How can I cancel a reservation?

If you're going to cancel a reservation, you must send a request by email at containing the reasons for the cancellation.
HolaBoat will confirm that the request has been received and accepted.
If you ask for a reservation to be cancelled and the cancellation is accepted, your Guest will get a 100% refund of the amount paid.
For more details, please see our cancellation policy.

Payments and reservations

- How do reviews work?

Reviews are the best way to build trust and a good reputation in the HolaBoat community.
After completion of the experience, you will receive an email to leave a review for your Guests.

- Is HolaBoat secure?

HolaBoat is a platform based on trust and transparency. You can get to know your potential guests via their profiles. In addition, you can use our messaging system to get in touch with users interested in getting on board with you.
All payments made on HolaBoat are made on a secure server and all the financial details are sent via encrypted protocol to the payment system, without third party access.

Reliability and security

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