How It Works - Hosts

Do you have a boat that you are not using as much as you like to?
If you are you looking for a creative way to offset the costs of ownership, HolaBoat will help you!

Sharing your boat is easy and you will get many benefits:
- earn an extra source of revenue
- find an easy way to defray ownership costs
- set prices and availability
- still enjoy your boat when you want
- meet new friends

List your boat, set your price & availability and share costs and passion, we will take care of the rest!

Pick an activity to do onboard and lead your guests through the experience!
You will share the costs and you passion for the sea.
There are many options: fishing trips, rides on sailboats, diving and much more...

Keep your boat at dock and rent it like a floating b&b.
You will offset the costs of your boat when not in use, without mechanical wear & tear.

Faq - Hosts

- What is HolaBoat?

HolaBoat is a boat sharing platform that connects sea lovers and boat owners willing to share onboard experiences. If you are looking for a creative way to offset ownership costs by hosting other HolaBoat users on your boat, this website is made for you! Easy and social, HolaBoat brings boating at anyone's reach.

- What support does HolaBoat offer me?

We offer you an easy-to-use and free platform to help you find people to go boating with. You will be contacted directly by your potential guests through our messaging system. Besides, if you want to boost your visibility please contact us, we will advise you, according to your needs.

- How do I create my listing?

After you register on HolaBoat, you just need to fill in the form with some quality photos, a description of your boat, the activity you want to share onboard, your price and availability. A few simple steps and you'll be ready to sail off!

- Do I have to pay to use HolaBoat?

You don’t have to pay to use HolaBoat. Registration is free and we don’t charge any extra fee for our service.

- How will I be paid?

You can arrange payment details directly with your guests through our messaging system.

About HolaBoat

- Can I rent my boat as a private owner?

To rent your boat as a private individual, just follow the local law and insurance requirements in your country.

- How do reviews work?

Reviews are the best way to build trust and reputation in the HolaBoat community, as well as to tell the community about your experience. After the experience is over, you will be able to invite your guests to leave a review.

- Is HolaBoat secure?

HolaBoat is a website based on trust and transparency. You can get to know better your potential guests through their profiles. Besides, you can use our messaging system to contact guests and ask them more details.

Registration, profile and reviews

- How can I modify an activity?

If your listing is not submitted, once logged in you can edit your draft by placing your mouse over the user icon in the top-right corner and clicking on activities. In any case, we recommend you to contact your guests to update them on the planned activities (eg adverse weather conditions). Once published, activities cannot be edited or deleted. In the event of unforeseen circumstances please contact us for support.

Experiences and reservations

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