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HolaBoat is a boat sharing platform that connects sea lovers and boat owners willing to share onboard experiences. Are you a sea enthusiast? Choose the way you want to spend your day, pick a location, find your boat and click for info. Whether you are experienced or new to boating, you will live a unique experience and meet new friends.
Boating becomes easy, fun and accessible to everyone!

Boat rental is expensive and it requires a long term planning... so, whether you have boating skills or you are simply a sea enthusiast, you can try our boat sharing experiences: live the sea with local people, make new friends, choose the captain and the activity.
Boat tours, fishing trips and much more… we will make your day unforgettable!

Imagine having your own boat for a day...
Choose your floating b&b just a few steps from sights and shops. You can visit the city and go back to the dock for a night overlooking the sea. Enjoy the seafaring life in a cozy accommodation and let the water lull you to sleep.

If you are bored of ordinary hotel rooms, choose HolaBoat and make your stay different!

Faq - Guests

- What is HolaBoat?

HolaBoat is a boat sharing platform that connects sea lovers and boat owners willing to share their boat and passion for the sea. If you are looking for a new way to enjoy the sea, check out our activities and meet the owners who want to share onboard experiences with you. Easy and social, with HolaBoat boating is accessible to everyone.

- Do I have to pay to use HolaBoat?

No, you don’t have to pay. Registration on HolaBoat is currently free of charge and payments can be made directly to the host according to your previous agreement.

- Who can use HolaBoat?

Any person of legal age may use the platform.

- What support does HolaBoat offer me?

HolaBoat is a meeting point for sea enthusiasts. We will help you communicate with people that have the same interests like yours, through our messaging system. If you have any question or doubt, please contact us, we will be happy to answer your request as soon as possible.

About HolaBoat

- How do I sign up?

You can sign up using your name, email address and a password of your choice or by clicking the social login buttons. Either way make sure you have read the terms of use.

- What is my profile and how do I edit my info?

Your profile contains some personal info and a picture of you. If you want to change it, once you’ve logged in, just place your mouse over the user icon in the top-right corner and click on profile, then save changes.

- How do reviews work?

Reviews are the best way to build trust and reputation in the HolaBoat community, as well as to tell the community about your experience. After the activity is over, you will be invited to leave a review.

Registration, profile and reviews

- What kind of activities can I find on HolaBoat?

All the activities shown on HolaBoat are chosen by the registered boat owners. Every experience is different: you can find a boat tour, a dip in the sea, a fishing trip, a night on the boat at the dock and much more...

- How do I book an experience?

You simply need to contact the host and send an enquiry by using the messaging system. You will see the new message notification on your dashboard and you When you receive a new message, you will get an email notification and a dashboard notification. Discuss all the details with your host and you are ready to sail off!

- What if I need to cancel my reservation?

If you need to cancel your reservation, please promptly contact your host through our messaging system. The sooner, the better: you will give other people the opportunity to share the experience!

- Is HolaBoat secure?

HolaBoat is a website based on trust and transparency. You can get to know better your potential hosts through their profiles and confirmed reviews. Besides, you can use our messaging system to contact the hosts and ask them more details.

Experiences and reservations

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