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Boat & Breakfast

Boat & Breakfast a Gran CanariaLas Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

€ 25/pers

B&B al Porto Antico di GenovaGenoa, Italy

€ 70/pers

Boat&Breakfast GulettaTrapani, Italy

€ 45/pers

Una notte in barca a CagliariCagliari, Italy

€ 30/pers

Boat & Breakfast a BariBari, Italy

€ 40/pers

Boat&breakfast a CagliariCagliari, Italy

€ 45/pers

Soleado, dormire sul mare e...Olbia, Italy

€ 60/pers

Bed&Boat Costa AzzurraVilleneuve-Loubet, France

€ 45/pers

Boat Sharing

Avvicinamento alla velaGenoa, Italy

€ 20/pers

A vela su MafaldaGenoa, Italy

€ 60/pers

Day Cruise Costa AzzurraVilleneuve-Loubet, France

€ 80/pers

A vela nel golfo di CagliariCagliari, Italy

€ 50/pers